The EXPANSE – 4 Reasons For Season 4 Hype! [No S4 Spoilers]

The announcement for the Expanse Season 4 release date is just around the corner. The cast is more than visible at conventions and Amazon is teasing us.  The Expanse Season 4 is so close, we can taste it.  

Many things went unresolved, or unanswered, in Season 3 and Season 4 has promise to be the best season yet!  

By the end of this video you will know 4 Reasons For Season 4 Hype! [No S4 Spoilers]

1. ProtoMiller (The Investigator)

Miller sacrifices himself on Eros to save Earth from the protomolecule infected rock.  H finally meets Julie and convinces her to crash into Venus instead. Miller chose to end his life along side the girl he loved, and never really met.  It was a tearjerker. I personally bawled like a baby!  

For Miller and all of us Expanse fans, it was the proper way to go.  I mean, nobody wanted him to die, but you gotta feel for the guy. He did so saving people and with the one he loved.  It was hard to swallow his death because we all wanted to believe he somehow survived.  

After the Rocinante crew killed the Hybrid on board, James Holden sees the image of a past friend. 

Who didn’t flip when Miller came back?

After all the tears I shed when he “died” I wasn’t expecting his comeback.  Yeah, he’s changed and maybe not even real, but he’s back.  

ProtoMiller (or The Investigator) wants to search the crime scene that is the Ring Gate and needs a ride.  After multiple mental breakdowns and some crazy shit, Miller leads Holden to the center of the Slow Zone.

Holden sees the end of Protomolecule maker’s civilization and the 1,000+ gates are opened.  It’s pretty obvious now that ProtoMiller is not done and requires more help from the Roci crew.  

This deserves a great deal of hype because, well, Miller is back!  We missed him ever so much. Even though, he’s probably not the really Miller but some image of him, we needed the pampaw around. 

With Miller tagging along and the ring gates opening, it only means shit is going to get crazier! And for that the Season 4 hype is extra justified.

2. Bobbie on the Rocinante

Long story short, Bobbie risking everything denounces her government’s involvement in Project Caliban and seeks asylum with Earth. 

What will she do while stuck on Earth? Get a job with the most foul mouthed badass on Earth?

A Martian Marine and political heavyweight makes for really great watching.  The two are so alike, but so different. Bobbie protects her and escapes Mao’s grip to end up on the Rocinante.

This won’t be the last time she ships out with the Roci crew because during the Ring Gate incident, she ends up trying to put down Ana’s illegal broadcast.  Her crew gets killed and she is returned to Alex and Amos.

Fate seems to pull her towards the crew.

But is this time permanent?  At the end of S3E13, Bobby is on the Rocinante. 

Does this mean she is part of the crew?

Don’t tell me she’s going away again because it would be fighting “destiny”.  It looks as if the Rocinante (especially by Alex’s side) is where she belongs.  Bobbie gets away and the Roci brings her back.

Does this mean that Bobbie will be staying for good? 

Shit is getting really with the protomolecule and ring gate business. I’m sure the crew can make room for the world’s hardest, Martian Marine badass.  Right?

3.  Control of Ring Gates

Holden, with the help of ProtoMiller, open more than thirteen-hundred gates within the Slow Zone.  Each may possibly hold clues for ProtoMiller and habitable systems for humanity.

Who in the hell is going to control the gates? Who will be the gatekeeper of so many possibly habitable (and hostile) systems?  

If Earth and Mars fought over the resources in the Belt so insanely, what will the conflict be like for control of these worlds?  With each new gate multiplies the possible conflict.

How much blood will potentially flow to control this new great expanse?

4.  Protomolecule Remnants

The possibility of habitable planets is not the only thing possibly waiting for humans.  Could there be other things left over on these planets?

Maybe the creators of the protomolecule are gone, but what did they leave behind? 

The hype around Season 4 isn’t just because the Rocinante crew is back or that the ring gates are open.  We are fascinated to find out what exactly awaits humanity on the other side of the gates. Will it be friendly or hostile?

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